Wednesday, June 18, 2014

More Cards

It would be helpful if I managed to post these cards as I make them, but I never can seem to do that! So here are a few that I have made in the last three weeks with no supply list because I have forgotten what materials I used!  I thought I would post them anyway and resolve to be better about posting the cards as I make them so I can provide a list of supplies used!

Graduation - this is a graduation card I made for one of my nieces who graduated from high school recently.  This card is inspired by a card designed by Michele Boyer featured in the Summer 2014 issue of CardMaker magazine.

Pet Sympathy - My neighbor had to put her dog to sleep recently and I made this card for her. 

Father's Day  - This card is a card I made for my Dad for Father's Day:

Another Graduation Card - Lastly, here is a card I made for a nephew who is graduating from High School (I made this card on my YouTube channel last week.  You can view the video here).

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