Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Chipboard Embellishments

I was making Easter cards this year and wanted to use some of my vintage images on my cards.  I was
thinking how great it would be if these images were on chipboard.  After giving some thought to how I might transfer these images to chipboard, I decided to try some inkjet iron-on T-shirt transfer paper I had in my stash.  I followed the directions for printing on the paper and then used a hot iron to transfer the image onto the chipboard (following the directions as if I was ironing onto a T-shirt).  It worked like a charm.  You basically just place your transfer paper image facing down onto the chipboard and slowly run the iron over it. One note of caution, you probably want to protect your ironing
board pad so you don't transfer some of the image which might overhang your chipboard piece onto the pad.  Ask me how I know this (yes - I did transfer part of an image onto my ironing board pad!).  If you are worried about your iron you can put a piece of cloth or iron safe paper over the transfer paper.

Here is a card I made using one of my chipboard embellishments.  I also explained the process in a YouTube video here.

Easy peasy!


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