Saturday, November 17, 2012

Maybe It's Because I am Vintage...

I just love vintage stuff.  Anything that is old and worn and looks well loved is preferable to new in my book.  My husband can't understand why I would prefer something old to something new.  His theory is that since I am getting close to being classified as vintage myself, like gravitates to like.  I won't tell you how I responded to that!

My theory is that it must have been all the years I spent going to garage sales, estate sales, thrift stores and antique malls with Loretta.  she had a good eye and taught me a lot about vintage linens, jewelry and furniture.  I have such fond memories of her telling me stories about things they used in her era (she would always begin her stories with the phrase "In my day').  It was so much fun learning about things like a celery vase (What??? I had no idea there was such a thing). Loretta explained to me that in the Victorian era (a little before Loretta's time), cooks cleaned and scraped raw stalks of celery, then put them in cold water in tall glass vases called celery vases.  I have serveral of these vases in my dining room holding silverware.  Love them!

Being a card maker, I also love vintage postcards.  I don't have a large collection, but I try to pick them up when I see something that appeals to me.  I am especially drawn to the embroidered postcards.  I am going to have to find a way to make something like this myself.  Loretta taught me to embroider a long time ago and I always have a project in progress so I have kept up the skill.  I have been thinking about how I might make something like these embroidered cards.  Wouldn't it be special to receive something like this in the mail?  Or how about this one wishing you a happy new year?  

This one (the last photograph) is a favorite of mine even though it does not have any stitching on it.  I just love the intricate paper frame.  I want to make something like this too!


  1. The postcards are amazing - so much loving care & attention to detail - breathtaking. I'm with you reguarding vintage items - how fun to go places to admire & purchase from collections. I could get lost in time doing the same. I could imagine your comeback to your husband - but, he better kidding since you have more than another that upholds your view.(in jest of course) You have a great sense of style so I'm sure your embroidery would be amazing. What a fun project to create - I'd enjoy that as well - something with wings would catch my fancy.
    Make sure to share when you do.

    1. Hi Tabitha - It is fun to get lost in time looking at vintage items. It is really one of my favorite past times. Thanks for the solidarity on me being vintage or my husband's view that I might be vintage. We girls have to stick together! When I figure out how to make one of these embroidered postcards I will definitely share it on this blog. Thanks for visiting my blog! - Colleen

  2. Colleen, I think we must have been separated at birth! My grandma did so many of the same things as your grandma. I spent a lot of time with her making patchwork quilts, baking with our aprons on, embroidering and remembering the days of her childhood. Like you, I collect vintage postcards. Your embroidered ones are beautiful!
    TFS, Karen

    1. Hi Karen -

      It is so nice to know that you and others share an affinity for vintage items and for the hand made. Whenever I see an embroidered piece, I always appreciate the loving care and attention that went into creating that piece.

      Your grandma sounds like a lovely woman. I bet you had such fun learning from her and spending time creating with her.

      Have a wonderful rest of the week and thanks for visiting my blog.