Sunday, February 3, 2013

Buttoned Up......

I love using buttons in my paper crafting and have accumulated quite a collection.  I think it is fun to look for just the right button to use as an accent on a card or project.  It is kind of like a treasure hunt - well, for me it is like that.  There are times when I don't have the right color of button to use on a project - what to do, what to do???

The answer to that question is to make my own buttons in any color I can dream up.  I ran across some molds from First Impression molds on Amazon that had button shapes. This made me so happy!  I pulled out  my resin and started "manufacturing" my own buttons. Neat - huh?  Well I was pretty jazzed about it.

Here are some photos of the first batch of buttons I made.  I am off to make some more!


  1. Hi Colleen! Wow! Those buttons look so vintage, I love them. I wonder if you might do a tutorial sometime on how you make them. I've never used resin, I've used UTEE and clay in molds. I love that you make so many things yourself. Iris,SavedbyGrace

    1. Hi iris - I will do a tutorial on how I make the buttons using resin either later this week or next week on my YouTube channel. I was very intimidated by the whole idea of working with resin for the longest time, but I do like to make my own embellishments so I took the plunge and started making things with resin. It is easy and I really enjoy working with it. Thanks for visiting my blog and have a wonderful rest of the week. - Colleen